Does require a W9 or W-8 BEN?


Rakuten requires all merchants to submit a W9 before account approval to comply with federal and state regulations.

Merchants may obtain a W9 form from the IRS clicking here.

If your business does not have a Federal Tax ID, a social security number may be used instead. will also accept a W-8 instead of W9 for merchants without United States tax status.

For more information regarding which W-8 form is applicable to your business, please check with your CPA or accounting department and review the following W-8 instructions by clicking here.

Merchants can obtain on of the following W-8 forms below: 

W-8 BEN Form
W-8 BEN Instructions

W-8 BENE Form
W-8 BENE Instructions

W-8 ECI Form
W-8 ECI Instructions

W-8 IMY Form
W-8 IMY Instructions

Completed forms can be faxed to 919-389-2601 or emailed to:


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